Pack Battles: Toke vs. QJB


We are excited to announce a brand new twist on one of our most popular features. We have teamed up with Toke and QJB to launch Muthead Pack Battles for our Pack Simulator!


For just over two weeks, Toke and #TokeArmy will be competing against QJB and his #QJBeasts in a best of three challenge over the following categories:


  • Most Packs Opened
  • Highest Scoring Pack opened by Toke or QJB
  • Highest Scoring Pack opened by #TokeArmy or #QJBeasts

When the Pack Battle ends, whichever side has the most of these categories secured wins. At any point throughout the competition you can check the current score here:


Pack Battles Scoreboard

How to Participate

If you're looking to get involved, it's easy! Here are the steps:


1. Head over to our Pack Simulator.

2. Choose the #TokeArmy Pack or the #QJBeasts pack depending on which side you would like to support.

3. Open packs and save your high scores.


You must be logged in in order to qualify for the leaderboards and have your packs count for high scores. If you're not logged in, your packs will still count to the total opened for the side you chose. We have something special planned for both the winner and the member of his community with the highest scoring pack at the end of the Pack Battle.


Good luck to Toke and QJB and everyone else who chooses to participate!


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