MUT Rewards Fedex Shipments

It seems as if EA has quietly introduced a brand new component of MUT Rewards that ties in directly with Madden Ultimate Team packs:

Over the weekend, @dallaslopez77 pulled a limited edition 1 of 1 collectible with what looks to be a signed Von Miller jersey. When flipped, the collectible contained a code to redeem on (thanks to @Go_On_Volt for investigating). Afterwards, a collectible that reads "your shipment is on its way!" showed up on his account (pictured above).


While EA hasn't officially commented on this yet, it seems as if real-world items can now be pulled from MUT packs through the MUT Rewards program.


Knowing EA, this is likely just the beginning of the program. Make sure you're signed up for MUT Rewards by registering at or through the in-game MUT Rewards tile on the home screen.


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