$10,000 Friday Night Football Summer Series: Week 3


Tune in tomorrow night at 8PM ET to watch Friday Night Football #21 sponsored by Grubhub. The players will compete for a $1,000 winner-take-all prize and crucial Summer Series Points.


After FNF #23 on July 12th, the top 6 competitors in terms of Summer Series Points will be invited to a Summer Series Championship with a minimum $10,000 prize pool. The Summer Series Championship will be the first tournament of Madden 20.


If you want more information about the Summer Series, make sure to check out our original article about it here.

How to Watch Friday Night Football #21

What: FNF #21 - Summer Series Week 3

When: Friday, June 28, 8PM ET



Drops: Yes

Giveaways: Yes (Grubhub and MUT content)

Grubhub promo code: TOUCHDOWN


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