yusuf1180 has received 80 Muthead Honor from 28 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Blanko87Aug 21, 2016Congrats on getting Supporter brother! A great friend and clan member right here!
1 CheesyGenieAug 18, 2016Easy and painless deal. A++ trader and a fellow big bro. Looking forward to future deals
1 Hatman11Aug 13, 2016Honors for one of the great hit members
1 pfb_threeAug 1, 2016thank you for posting the helpful thread on safe trading - hopefully it helps others avoid scams!
1 GOPACKERS2909Aug 1, 2016Only lnown you a shoet time but your a amazing dude and looking forward to building a better bond :)
1 mudflap38Jul 31, 2016For looking out for the community
1 Ph33rTreyJul 14, 2016To a friend who helped me out alot and recruited to TC1
6 lachrymotionJul 9, 2016One of the reasons HIT is even here today. Great guy and member.
1 Croll_DaddyJun 28, 2016Dirtybirds4 donation way back on December 15 / I never forget this that help
1 lachrymotionApr 14, 2016Great clanmate and excellent MH member. Yusuf is great!
1 Hatman11Apr 10, 2016Truly a great member and clanmate, without him HIT would not be what it is today
1 EightenderApr 8, 2016When forming HIT, I felt it was essential to have Yusuf on board and he was one of the 1st guys I spoke to. One of my best decisions!