yusuf1180 has received 80 Muthead Honor from 28 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 TallbullDec 22, 2017VEGAS pride
2 HitmanhavocOct 9, 2017Great memeber
1 ShoujinkoSep 2, 2017Fellow Muslim brother
1 1234RuinedSep 2, 2017Great clanmate and the person who originally recruited me!
1 LordKakuzuAug 19, 2017Awesome friend. He has the craziest stories ever lol. Many of us in HIT wouldn't be on this site rn without this man. #Eagles<3Bills
1 Fitz097Aug 17, 2017Greag clan mate and friend funny guy with crazy storys
1 Billyoak8Aug 17, 2017For a great guy and loyal customer. Thank you for the support man. We really appreciate it!
5 mackmiller974Aug 16, 2017Great member of the community and one of the most friendliest people on here
5 Tdunks72Aug 16, 2017Hit clan legend. Without him we wouldnt be around.
1 m4tthog4nAug 14, 2017Nice honest guy, best of luck
4 rdonn27Aug 7, 2017#BlackOut
1 JdogcaLJul 24, 2017Great Clan mate
3 Blanko87Jul 18, 2017Thanks for the loan bro, you're great friend!
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017For Carson Wentz Mom...
1 pfb_threeNov 23, 2016Thank you for donating to my giveaway.
2 SchwagzorSep 3, 2016Great community member... thanks for everything you do and for being so AWESOME. (even 50 honor now)
1 souLclappSep 2, 2016known him for a long time now, always been a great member. so proud to be associated with him in the big bro program!
1 SchwagzorSep 1, 2016Thanks for being a great MUTheader and being so friendly.
1 Esko5150Sep 1, 2016For all you do within BBU. Glad to be a Big Brother alongside you.
9 GOPACKERS2909Sep 1, 2016Truly amazing member right here, thanks for always being so helpful and mm for me. Great friend and member of the HITmen!
1 Capt_AwesmeAug 29, 2016Glad to call you BBU Fam!
5 Sf49erAug 24, 2016Thank you for everything you do in BBU and in the community :)
10 Tdunks72Aug 23, 2016Happy to have this man back active in HIT, GREAT MHer. Happy to call him a clanmate!
2 GOPACKERS2909Aug 22, 2016For the legend that finally got the paint to back it up.
1 THECHIPPOAug 22, 2016Great work with BBU and in the community as well