yarrrgo2_0 has received 30 Muthead Honor from 12 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
5 Stinger82Mar 6, 2018Welcome to PACK
2 DanavanxDec 11, 2017Always being generous towards other members
3 TralinskiAug 30, 2017Congrats on Elite buddy!
1 x_andyturnerAug 30, 2017Red honor!
1 vinsanity616Aug 30, 2017Congrats on reaching elite!
1 DanavanxAug 24, 2017Thank you for helping with the weekly clan event
2 OhCaptain19Aug 7, 2017This puzzle is sick! Even if i dont win, its LIT borotha!!
1 xprrtJul 24, 2017Very nice dude, great member of the community, decided to make me a free avi!
1 TheMaddenGuru24Jun 29, 2017For being an awesome and active competitor in the Tournament
1 jsokolJun 20, 2017nice giveaway!
1 LightningPenguinJun 19, 2017Thanks for being a great opponent. It was intense and fun
10 Namtih21Apr 27, 2017Thanks for the input!
1 NotACow42Apr 4, 2017Any guy who writes a haiku about football deserves some recognition. That was great!