xchrisgotswagx has received 102 Muthead Honor from 28 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Gord0Aug 21, 2018clan love
1 MikeyDJan 26, 2018In memory of Junior, a great cat. Stay strong buddy, keep being the outstanding person that you are!
10 TallbullAug 6, 2017Recognition program, welcome back and DAMN good to see ya bro! Welcome to 100
6 BlakYoshiApr 26, 2017Now you have even more swag
4 Foolish_99Jan 17, 2017Thanks for being great and all the help you have given me
5 BlakYoshiDec 30, 2016God dude, good clan mate
1 imarino13Sep 2, 2016Miss you in the late night crew.....can't wait to play again my man!
1 souLclappSep 2, 2016Great stuff with the MH honor recognition program. thank you for always being a positive member!
1 Klee9163Aug 20, 2016And anotha one for the definition of swag himself lol.
2 Klee9163Aug 20, 2016BOOOOOM! Thanks for everything chris. You da real MVP.
1 xXcGil18XxAug 19, 2016One of my closest friends on Muthead. Great going asset to the community. Keep up the good work.
3 samurijohnAug 18, 2016For a great giveaway
2 LegitandReasonableAug 18, 2016Ty for the giveaway! Best one ever .
1 imarino13Aug 16, 2016Awesome dude....thanks for hanging out man
1 Baller1234aAug 13, 2016Thks for being fam in FIRE
1 buggyfreshAug 12, 2016For being a great clan member and the fun games we play.
1 SukAtMutAug 9, 2016For all the tireless work I put in with you......
4 imarino13Aug 8, 2016Hope that new Squad causes some havoc!
1 imarino13Aug 7, 2016Great game my man!
2 CheesyGenieAug 7, 20162 more for the playmaker master
3 AUBLUEAug 4, 2016O captain my captain
8 CheesyGenieAug 4, 2016Go Get Green Brotha! a+ member, part of the night crew
2 imarino13Aug 4, 2016Awesome member that gives to the Community, super chill too!
4 AUBLUEAug 2, 2016I will always bring a brother to the next level with me. Mad respect for CSG.....always! :-)
5 dc112sgtJul 30, 2016thanks for the MUT Coins ! Grade A+ Trader :D