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6 skert89Jul 7, 2017For coordinating the RISE Clanniversary!
3 Boss1089Jul 7, 2017great work on all you have done with RISE especially the claniversary
1 Swing4TheFencesJul 6, 2017Excellent work in taking the lead for the biggest giveaway [RISE] has ever hosted. Phenomenal effort!
4 skert89Jul 5, 2017Thanks for continuing to update your boss thread! Boom 100
8 Click916Jul 5, 2017For helping me get lynch ! Also just an incredibly awesome person !
1 mmEricmmJul 4, 2017Thanks for the invite to Rise.
2 DaveE926Jul 4, 2017Thanks for buffalo
1 RWatts35Jun 27, 2017Thank you. It's all I have.
2 Jmace59Jun 24, 2017Thanks for all you do!
1 BigMeanPossumJun 22, 2017Nice post about both parties talking too much, governing too little
1 mozyJun 19, 2017The honor I should have given you in January for gameplan help!
5 Glock_44sJun 18, 2017Awesome mh member!
1 x_andyturnerJun 16, 2017Super boss guide thread in Mobile. Boom
1 Swing4TheFencesJun 11, 2017Great Contributor
1 Tobes87Jun 8, 2017thx for recommending me
1 Namtih21Jun 7, 2017For being a help to me, and the community!
1 Tobes87Jun 7, 2017great work with the boss token thread
1 RshootsJun 1, 2017Thanks for the Saints donation
1 JeepindMay 31, 2017I appreciate the work you are doing on the Boss sets, thanks for sharing it with us!
3 skert89May 25, 2017For creating and maintaining the Boss token thread like a boss.
1 twikoffMay 25, 2017appreciate the boss honor thread
1 Dliebs97May 24, 2017excellent write up on stamina allocation for bosses
1 SonOfMercuryMay 24, 2017Good Job On The Boss Thread!
2 Sentinel07May 23, 2017Thank for being an amazing leaguemate, and making boss ;) threads. Hope you get a CCB
1 RshootsMay 22, 2017Rise Up for the Boss token breakdown. Excellent!