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3 InBrisketWeTrustJul 26, 2019Habs*
3 InBrisketWeTrustJul 25, 2019Fuck the Tabs
1 usctrojans14Mar 11, 2019Thanks for organizing the draft
5 RshootsMar 11, 2019Great job on the MUThead Draft!
3 mabaeyensMar 10, 2019Awesome organization of draft! Best time in Muthead following the thread this year. Looking forward to participate!
4 Bouncer014Mar 10, 2019Most fun these forums have seen in a while!
2 tamc93Mar 9, 2019Thank you for the 2019 Draft
1 ApexDec 19, 2018Gave me a bunch of helpful info on Clans and how Muthead works, helps make this the best community!
3 Bouncer014Nov 4, 2018Can I please clone u 100x & let all 100 loose on the forums to get more fun/interesting reads around here which don't involve negativity?
10 d0l0bNov 3, 2018Post of the day! Nice work my friend.
3 PittsteelburghNov 3, 2018That evolutionary mm post was lit
3 OhCaptain20Oct 7, 2018For Most Feared preview, for Canada, for Gretzky & Lemieux.
1 Bouncer014Sep 24, 2018Positive presence is always appreciated. Sorry to ruin the 100. :P
6 BP0803Sep 18, 2018Triple Digits!
2 BoskoAug 19, 2018miss ya bro!
2 gohogsgo71Jun 23, 2018For my first ever trade partner! Thanks for the blue congrats!
5 Stinger82Jun 21, 2018Love the restaraunt post man, "price"less haha
5 millartime122Jun 13, 2018Thanks for all the MH OVR support. Blue pants coming soon!
2 OhCaptain20Jun 12, 2018For Canada. For Maple Syrup. For Ovi & the Cup.
5 bringbacktheoilersMay 21, 2018For being an awesome clanmate
1 OhCaptain20May 19, 2018For the MHC and the good times we continue to have
10 jakefromstfarm3333333333Apr 19, 2018I love you
10 markymarkmfbMar 8, 2018Great job on the Draft thread. I appreciate all of the work you put in to it.
2 Bouncer014Mar 8, 2018Always looking for ways to make MH more fun/positive/betterer! Thanks! :)
2 wprichard55Mar 7, 2018Nifty fifty for the MM18 Draft Thread