tricky80g has received 1782 Muthead Honor from 298 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 t1j2mJan 19, 2020once again you come through in a time of need, thanks for always being an amazing person who never hesitates to help others
1 bruinrogueJan 15, 2020Post more.
5 bolt21Jan 7, 2020Number 1 baby! GOAT league mate and clan leader. Thanks for everything brotha!
1 t1j2mJan 7, 2020running out of ways to describe how selfless you are. the positivity you spread in the MH community is immeasurable, thank you my friend
1 ShamsJan 7, 2020league help
1 NornIronFrozenTundraJan 7, 2020Even Thiccer and Joocyer OBJ
1 NornIronFrozenTundraJan 7, 2020Thicc and Joocy OBJ
1 9erBJan 7, 2020My A1 from day 1
8 x6sic6_PariaHxJan 6, 2020Honor For One Of MutHead’s Good Guys
5 RWatts35Jan 2, 2020A true MH legend. Love ya brother.
1 SukAtMutDec 31, 2019Heres to hopin your accolades follow you to the new site. If not Ill spread your Legend bro
1 madtiger925Dec 25, 2019Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
5 JeepindDec 16, 2019Thankful for all you’ve done, for me and everyone here.
3 LBJNov 12, 2019I don't know if I can think of a nicer or quality guy than you, thanks for always having my back through the years.
1 JeepindNov 10, 2019Just seeing your name makes me smile!
1 twikoffSep 2, 2019happy labor day!
1 t1j2mSep 2, 2019always ready and willing to help out, much appreciated my friend
2 Street_SpiritAug 29, 2019For the GOAT!
1 t1j2mAug 20, 2019always willing to offer a helping hand, thanks again for being such a thoughtful and supportive person
5 JTCarpenterAug 20, 2019Long overdue while I took my sabbatical from MH the past year! One of the most positive/helpful members and a GREAT friend! Love you!
1 t1j2mAug 6, 2019for the many selfless acts of kindness you have done for others since the last time i’ve thanked you, stay awesome my friend
5 SkernalsAug 4, 2019Thanks for CCB lol
1 JeepindAug 1, 2019Because it’s Jerry Garcia’s bday... and I wouldn’t have known that without you!
1 Gord0Jul 30, 2019Have a cup of coffee on me
2 lunchstampsJul 29, 2019thnx 4 the mhc. u r one the best!!