thedullsound has received 40 Muthead Honor from 13 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 d_ramafiedJan 3, 2020There ya go!
1 blitzfistMay 3, 2019Thank you for answering UL question Happy Friday
5 NoNameDefenseJan 18, 2019Deal concluded in a few minutes: smoothly executed and was without complications. I'd highly recommend doing deals with "thedullsound"
1 mchardjJul 15, 2018Great clan-mate and an honorable fellow!
1 HawkeyeP1erceOct 5, 2017Long Overdue honor for being part of an awesome clan
1 Adopolus234Sep 18, 2017For being a sexy human
2 phagueAug 24, 2017Heres to another year!!! Get that ccb!
1 CrayonsMeltAug 24, 2017SWAT UP!
1 bloodysycophantJul 22, 2017Easy coin trades as always. Thanks.
1 mudflap38Jul 14, 2017Thanks for being there for Cam.
1 phagueJul 13, 2017Cause hes goy move like Jaeger!!
3 Adopolus234Jul 12, 2017Awesome member, awesome friend, Very trustworthy.
2 prestonporter53Jul 11, 2017Thanks for letting me join the clan. Now change your color
1 mudflap38Jun 14, 2017Congrats on hitting Elite!
1 mchardjMay 20, 2017Swat Saturday morning!
1 Adopolus234Feb 14, 2017To a GREAT friend, known this guy for a while! I'd trust this guy with anything really!
3 Bro2xFeb 1, 2017Great clan mate!
1 phagueJan 3, 2017Heres to clock managment!! And driving your oppontnet crazy. Hahahhahah
1 phagueDec 28, 2016One more for the help yesterday. Can't thank you enough.
1 phagueDec 27, 2016Dude thnk you for your help today!!!
1 Zito501Dec 26, 2016Helping the clan
1 Zito501Dec 6, 2016Helping me witk the chem solos
1 mchardjDec 4, 2016Clan brother!!
1 bloodysycophantDec 4, 2016Good quick and easy trade. Good mutheader.
1 phagueDec 3, 2016Good guy. Helping out like a mad man with the chem challenge.