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2 Namtih21Dec 5, 2018Thanks for the tips on the computer!
1 MrWoof10Dec 4, 2018lol u thought
2 MrWoof10Dec 4, 2018I'm better than you.
2 Robrules1Nov 7, 2018Grats on 1500! <3
1 misk53Nov 5, 2018Good luck the rest of the year. Can’t believe we both let the Patriots off the hook!
10 Bigbluehouse1Oct 20, 2018Very Generous Giveaway for a MF 1 Mil Megatron Card Great Guy on here!
10 QuickwigOct 20, 2018Nice giveaway
10 GrumbleOct 19, 2018MY MAN
2 Colts_NationSep 24, 2018Generous giveaway, great guy!
5 NinerNationSep 20, 2018Throwing some honor at a top-notch trader for a deal done in record time! Looking forward to next time man.
8 lachrymotionSep 14, 2018The TOTW write up might be one of the most well written/thought out threads of 19. Very nicely done.
2 Mr_JrokAug 27, 2017Thanks for the Calvin code brother