sullysullinburg has received 69 Muthead Honor from 20 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
9 LaVarBallJan 3, 2020HERO
4 Namtih21Dec 31, 2019HERO!
1 mabaeyensMar 29, 2019HERO posting again!
1 Namtih21Mar 29, 2019HERO!
1 LaVarBallAug 26, 2018HERO clan member appreciation
1 MabenxNov 11, 2017Your humor in the clan chat today
5 realitychekNov 9, 2017When there are too many rats in the clock it will break. Great post!!!
1 x_andyturnerNov 9, 2017Lol @ legend did the bans. Hahahaha
1 mineturtle52Oct 5, 2017Well deserved honor for the Great Sullivan
2 MabenxSep 9, 2017Witty one liners that always make me laugh
3 JTCarpenterSep 3, 2017For a guy who really doesn't deserve this honor, but I have been blackmailed to send it to him!!!! :( Hehehe just kidding. Love you!
1 MabenxAug 7, 2017Constantly providing humour in the clan chat
1 usctrojans14Aug 2, 2017Very helpful guy thanks man
1 jim89402Jul 20, 2017Great clanmate. Thanks for always being there for a laugh if needed
3 JTCarpenterJul 16, 2017You are a good guy! :)
2 jacquito69Jun 11, 2017Thank you so much for your time and effort in helping to find a way for my family to see my Oma
3 JTCarpenterJun 6, 2017For being a good friend and a cool guy. Wait, this is the wrong member. Boooo!
1 NickgoJun 4, 2017for your additions to clan and kindness to BTB in your difficult time
1 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017always appreciated and can always make anyone laugh.
1 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017It's been a pleasure getting to know you recently. I've really enjoyed chatting with you during the night shift. Your sarcasm and wit is a
10 JTCarpenterMay 30, 2017Sent with love. Keep up the positive attitude! :)
1 LaVarBallMay 1, 2017good clan member keep it up
2 JTCarpenterApr 23, 2017The craziest Mutheader alive! He is the true meaning of a Legend! Keep it up!
1 nymrdr730Mar 8, 2017Did a quick trade and I went first. Thanks for being legit
2 Xcritic187Mar 4, 2017Appreciate the help