stunner1969 has received 67 Muthead Honor from 19 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 BoskoNov 7, 2017Patient, trustworthy, asset 2 the community
1 WarlordwarriorjOct 14, 2017Trustworthy
2 diimsday1044Apr 9, 2017for a generous and great mutheader and friend !!!
2 Sf49erMar 4, 2017My man def a real legend.
1 MADMAN4010Feb 17, 2017Great muthead member
3 MADMAN4010Nov 25, 2016for the great work your doing with bbu
6 Sf49erNov 18, 2016A Real hero! respect for my brother
1 Capt_AwesmeNov 1, 2016Glad to be on the TMM list with him!
1 dmichalikOct 1, 2016Honor for recent contributions to the community- HIT work!
1 Mr1_on1Aug 17, 2016BBU grad staff appreciation
1 Bigbluehouse1Aug 1, 2016Working BBU Member
3 Bigbluehouse1Aug 1, 2016Hard
2 Bigbluehouse1Jul 25, 2016Always Great to work with a fellow military Brotha - Great work with BBU
1 hookrightthurJul 24, 2016Great work with the bbu. Great coordination and effort to improve the mh experience for new members
1 Sf49erJul 22, 2016The real american hero i really admire everything you do in life and we are lucky to have you here :)
5 MADMAN4010Jul 19, 2016Congrats on BBU
4 Sf49erJul 9, 2016Very Happy That Your in BBU thank you for all you so brother
1 IBURRLJul 7, 2016Helped me a lot back in the day on 360:)
1 m4tthog4nJul 3, 2016Found me Walter Payton. Legend in the community
5 Sf49erJul 2, 2016For one of the real GOATS ! Thank you for being you brother :) salute!
1 t1j2mJun 29, 2016well deserved recognition to a member who is part of what makes this a quality community and an honor to be a part of..thanks!
1 Robbins1895Jun 28, 2016For a great and legit member
1 Croll_DaddyJun 28, 2016TMM/Soldier/HIT / Yep -the man is squared away
1 m4tthog4nJun 24, 2016Good friend and Legend in the 360 community
7 MADMAN4010Jun 22, 2016Congrats on legend