skaterat_day15 has received 14 Muthead Honor from 7 members.

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1 LaVarBallAug 26, 2018Free Liam!
1 TheFit1Dec 19, 2017Happy Birthday, Ronald!!! A beautiful man and helpful member of the community!
1 TheFit1May 24, 2017One of the best guys I know. Always willing to help.
5 Click916May 2, 2017BEASTMODE !!!!!!! Great member of the community keep it bro
1 TheBaconAteHerJan 6, 2017Helpful=honorable!
2 Mooks101Sep 24, 2016Congrats on ELITE!
1 STR8MERCSep 22, 2016Thank you for being such a helpful and informative member of the community!
1 Klee9163Aug 11, 2016great guy and great member in HERO. glad to have you brotha!
1 Mooks101Aug 7, 2016Welcome to HERO! Guy deserves more! He's been a solid member for 1 year.... Glad you joined our family.