sfboatri has received 229 Muthead Honor from 77 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 srs38Jul 29, 2016Thanks for being so helpful and generous, awesome addition to the BOLD family
1 Croll_DaddyJul 28, 2016Great Contributor to the BigBro program - Thanks a ton man
5 schachtamJul 28, 2016Thank you Big Brother!
1 KCreverendJul 28, 2016Hey I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it.
1 KingToccoJul 25, 2016For helping me get started with BBU and for the awesome welcome!
2 Esko5150Jul 24, 2016An amazing mentor in the BBU program. Glad to have you aboard.
1 hookrightthurJul 24, 2016Great work with the bbu. Great coordination and effort to improve the mh experience for new members
1 Croll_DaddyJul 20, 2016For help recruiting new students to BBU - awesome
2 ac7607Jul 19, 2016great member!
2 Sf49erJul 14, 2016Awesome person thank you for being in BBU and for everything you do in the community :)
1 Croll_DaddyJul 13, 2016For your work improving the BBU Main Page
1 markymarkmfbJul 13, 2016Something that should have been done a while ago(I forget I have them). Your generosity speaks for itself. You are truly BOLD.
1 Ph33rTreyJul 10, 2016Thank you for being a friend to me and always there
2 Capt_AwesmeJul 9, 2016Glad to have him in BBU!
1 Lb33wonkaJul 8, 2016Great member of the community ! Awesome and honest guy !
1 Croll_DaddyJul 3, 2016Bold Legend / nuff said
1 Bigbluehouse1Jul 1, 2016RIP Kate
1 Lb33wonkaJun 29, 2016Great person in the community ! Awesome giveaways . Thank you
1 FatWhiteRabbitJun 28, 2016For being a generous muthead member!
1 Queballer4Jun 28, 2016great clanmate and an incredibly generous member. Thank you for giving back to the community!
3 Primetime_VolJun 27, 2016Appreciate seeing members give back
2 t1j2mJun 25, 2016one of the friendliest most helpful members in the MH community. lucky to have ppl like him to maintain the enjoyable environment!
1 PokerMuttJun 25, 2016Thanks for giving back to the community.
1 Legend69Jun 25, 2016Happy to have you in BOLD. Thanks for all the legit deals, and most importantly, thank you for your service
1 AUBLUEJun 15, 2016Great guy!