sbdraptor has received 141 Muthead Honor from 42 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 iMuteLittleKidsNov 19, 2017The only person that has ever received honor from me. Ever.
1 Thunder13DomeJun 10, 2017One of the coolest and nice guys on mut head thx for the deal.
1 Thunder13DomeApr 1, 2017Thx for the Ltd champ hook up brother
2 Thunder13DomeMar 17, 2017Cool brother here. Thx for everything cuh
1 Croll_DaddyMar 6, 2017Hope the family is well and the ice cream cold
4 Kb72Feb 23, 2017Great member and clan mate, always helpful..
1 Thunder13DomeFeb 13, 2017Great guy and member
1 ZimTzuNov 10, 2016Veterans Day 2016 Thank you for your service.
10 Detox_ArazosOct 25, 2016Just a fantastic person!!! Easily deserves 10 honor. Thanks for everything you do!
3 curtin2curtinSep 23, 2016Hope all is well my friend!. One of the most generous, selfless men you will encounter on muthead!
2 ggreen923Sep 22, 2016Some clan love
1 ggreen923Sep 11, 2016Thank you for your service
1 himgotscarfAug 9, 2016Your appreciation means a lot
1 imarino13Aug 9, 2016Awesome guy that is constantly helping people
1 ac7607Jul 19, 2016Thanks for being a great friend
1 joonbugzJul 5, 2016Nice giveaway, wanted to be the first on your path to 200, ha! :)
3 Robrules1Jul 5, 2016Get that 100!! You deserve it
1 dmichalikJul 4, 20164OJ Honor and respect!
3 Detox_ArazosJul 2, 2016I've told this story a lot but it really stuck with me. Gave me and EaglesLove 5 MHC for our first icon for no reason. GOAT!!!!!!
2 bluegrazzcatJun 29, 2016Thanks for all you do SB! Much respect brother ;)
1 xBengalsx18Jun 29, 2016Nice giveaway man and thanks!
8 MADDOG619Jun 28, 2016a awesome longtime member and friend
1 THECHIPPOJun 28, 2016Sending mhc to help new members out, taking time to help people out, serving our country, being one of the most generous. Thats not even all
1 CowboysFanTillDeathJun 24, 2016A great and legit member, Always helping others.
5 FroZenb0NeZJun 23, 2016You can't find a more generous member on MUTHEAD. Glad he is a Clan Mate. Rap is the truth.