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1 Tee543Feb 18, 2020Thank you for ROOT!
1 tricky80gJul 4, 2019Happy 4th!
4 Bouncer014Apr 17, 2019
1 ApexMar 25, 2019Very entertaining and i couldnt agree more with a post you made recently! =)
4 NornIronFrozenTundraFeb 5, 2019Thanks for all the good work
1 tricky80gDec 25, 2018Happy Holidays!!!
10 MaddenPimpJan 23, 2018Such a great response about missing PB packs...
3 Bouncer014Sep 28, 2017Thanks for helping make all that is ROOT possible. :)
1 TheMaddenGuru24Sep 20, 2017Used the event schedule from your filter creator quite a lot in my grind for Hekker, and just wanted to say thank you
1 user-19541905Sep 6, 2017From DPRK to ROOT
1 user-19541905Aug 17, 2017Thanks for everything you do for FC.
1 Tee543May 24, 2017Congrats on Gold! Thanks for all you've done to host ROOT's Online Tools and the planning you've already started doing for next year!
1 RshootsMar 21, 2017ROOT rules
1 user-19541905Mar 8, 2017Thanks for hosting the filter creator!
1 Buffcoat48Aug 4, 2016For a good explanation...