rdonn27 has received 112 Muthead Honor from 31 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Hackel4Aug 1, 2019Great guy!
10 MGOBLUE03Jul 30, 2019I have 50 of these laying around so enjoy
1 BlackandgoldhawksDec 17, 2018Thanks for the giveaway
3 Bouncer014Dec 11, 2017Long overdue for general helpfulness + that awesome survivor pool giveaway the past 2 seasons. 100!!
4 JaketlarsenNov 19, 2017Thanks for the survivor giveaway.
1 Swaglife81Oct 23, 2017Thanks for the imgur tip. I was using mobile view when on the forums so I was going about it the hard way
1 buggyfreshOct 4, 2017for the great survivor giveaway!!! great member well deserved.
1 JcurtismmSep 14, 2017Love the survivor tournament
4 SchwagzorSep 3, 2017Thank you for organizing the HIT Survivor Pool giveaway. Amazing clan member / mutheader.
1 Fitz097Aug 17, 2017Great friend and awesome member in muthead thanks for being such a good friend!!
1 JdogcaLAug 1, 2017great mutheader and awesome clanmate
1 Hackel4Jul 13, 2017Great Chiefs Admin !
10 dillonwurtzJul 5, 2017Thank you!
1 Hackel4May 11, 2017For always helping me out ! respect and gratitude for you my friend !
1 NinerNationMay 9, 2017For welcoming me to HIT
1 Mad_DoctorrMay 9, 2017"He can make the choice that no one else can make, the right choice." It's an honor to know you brother.
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017One more
1 GOPACKERS2909May 6, 2017Gotta drop a honor for the fam!
1 NotACow42Mar 8, 2017Overdue library fees..., er, honor token! Go Chiefs!!
1 dmichalikFeb 10, 2017So long since I've honored Donny that it's overdue! Go Chiefs- I wish they would trade QBs with Dallas lol
1 SchwagzorDec 18, 2016Very generous to help out a clan mate. Great HITman and community member!
1 Click916Nov 14, 2016Thanks for helping me out
3 SchwagzorNov 8, 2016Thanks for helping with updating the clan member info. Great clanmate and great community member!
1 Gasman18Nov 6, 2016Winner of SKOL's Muthead Member of the Week
2 pfb_threeNov 3, 2016Helpful member, nice guy - great clanmate.