phague has received 66 Muthead Honor from 20 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 EndWishJan 1, 2018For the clan
1 CrayonsMeltNov 6, 2017great clan member!
1 HawkeyeP1erceOct 5, 2017Long Overdue honor for being part of an awesome clan
2 thedullsoundAug 24, 2017Because he is "The best around...EA is never ever gonna keep him down".
1 thedullsoundJul 13, 2017Cuz he cute tho.....
1 prestonporter53Jul 12, 2017Change the color
1 prestonporter53Jul 8, 2017Thanks for letting me in clan
1 CrayonsMeltJun 10, 2017This man is the GOAT!
1 mchardjMay 4, 2017GOAT SWAT member and the GOAT card puller!
1 thedullsoundFeb 4, 2017Spare Change
2 Bro2xFeb 1, 2017Fun dude great clan member but sucks at madden
1 Zito501Jan 26, 2017For being one of my favorite idiots ever LOL
1 thedullsoundJan 3, 2017Here is to grinding out the clock and Mountain HB swings. yes Yes YES! j/k
1 chuckesmilesDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
4 Bro2xDec 20, 2016Great clan mate is a dad to everyone in the clan except Zito
1 buggyfreshDec 13, 2016For being a good guy and even better member. Well deserved.
2 WR_CoachDec 13, 2016Happy birthday, bro. Thanks for being a great friend!
1 mchardjDec 4, 2016Solid co-leader of SWAT!!
1 thedullsoundDec 3, 2016Seems like a solid dad. Try's to keep his kid on the right path. Mad respect for that! Even if you enter too many giveaways ;).
1 WR_CoachNov 15, 2016Thanks for helping me with Chem Master!
1 thedullsoundNov 3, 2016A nice guy. Good sense of humor. Easy to chat with!!
2 cougarobOct 26, 2016Super legit MH member thanks man!
1 Adopolus234Oct 21, 2016Bestie!
1 CrayonsMeltOct 20, 2016thanks for hosting the CFM! excited for the draft!
2 WR_CoachOct 20, 2016Thanks for helping me with A-Rod and for setting up the SWAT CFM!