nyiscool has received 15 Muthead Honor from 8 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 user-13651245Feb 4, 2017 My 3 yr. anniversary and fairwell gift (for now) :-)
1 Blinky3707Nov 7, 2016Great clanmate and member of the community. :)
2 dillonwurtzJul 9, 2016founder of the best clan on muthead also a great guy and helper
1 user-13651245Jul 9, 2016thx for your clan donation for our 1 yr give away
1 Legend69Jun 30, 2016Thanks for taking the time to read and understand the graphics giveaway. Very nice work trying to see things from the member's eye
1 FrankieGoRamsJun 21, 2016Great guy and a huge asset to the community.
2 user-13651245Jun 21, 2016Thanks for your clan work. Rise up!
2 chummer1010May 30, 2016you guided me when I was new to MH
1 Oak724May 22, 2016One of the best guys around!
1 hookrightthurApr 25, 2016Operation Honor. Rise up brother