nls1508 has received 70 Muthead Honor from 28 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
7 HailToTheRedskins24Oct 8, 2017The greatest.
1 mineturtle52Oct 2, 2017Very good friend, hope all is going well
1 NinerNationAug 22, 2017For being an awesome, fast trader and easy to work with. Thank you!
1 DanavanxJul 18, 2017Happy 1 year anniversary to RUSH!
8 HailToTheRedskins24Apr 19, 201760. Miss you.
1 pfb_threeDec 20, 2016you are a man of your word. thanks for the e-card.
1 FrenchToastMafiaDec 15, 2016Thanks having me in RUSH
5 HailToTheRedskins24Dec 14, 2016RUSH up
1 HailToTheRedskins24Dec 4, 2016He is the man
1 CillidogSep 13, 2016So excited for RUSH, thanks for everything you do!
1 HailToTheRedskins24Sep 5, 2016thanks for your great leadership in the clan
1 imarino13Aug 15, 2016Awesome member to have around!
1 diimsday1044Aug 10, 2016Congrats on 2500 posts and for doing great giveaway
4 hookrightthurAug 10, 2016For your friendly introduction to the mh poker scene! Color it up homie
1 tacosabanAug 10, 2016Awesome guy! Helped me get some Mutcoin!
1 HailToTheRedskins24Aug 9, 2016Greatest of all time Mutheader
1 Zito501Jul 29, 2016He is a very kind person and has helped me learn muthead
1 1234RuinedJul 28, 2016Excellent member of MH. Holds really cool giveaways, thanks!
1 IntheFACE75Jul 23, 2016It was great playing you in SC, even if it was a short time. Good dude to talk to and play against.
2 olavmyren84Jul 22, 2016Great member, friendly towards the community and towards new members
1 t1j2mJul 22, 2016for the nice gesture to help out the member who made a pick 'em mistake and all of your other contributions to the MH community
1 PatsDynasty22383Jul 21, 2016Great Leader! And community member... Glad to be a part of RUSH alongside you
1 Bigbluehouse1Jul 20, 2016Wish you the best on new clan
1 Croll_DaddyJul 19, 2016Because you appreciate being helped / Nice thread on Lach Sir
7 Slammer4244Jul 19, 2016Another awesome member lets see if we can get you to 25.Keep up the awesome work fam