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1 verdunbuldogsApr 13, 2018blowing my bunch of honor for this month in a span of 6 h lol. You deserve it, quality posts
8 JTCarpenterMar 29, 2018Getting you up to #50 since you deserve it! :)
2 AilmanMar 1, 2018topping off
4 user-100034412Feb 25, 2018Just enjoy reading your posts man. Looking forward to our next matchup!
1 mmslayFeb 20, 2018Thinking and Responding in an Educated and Intellectual Way. Need more people like you.
10 user-100034412Jan 11, 2018Need more guys like your around here. Best of luck!
2 Tobes87Nov 8, 2017great work with the h2h tracker
2 jrotogeekOct 25, 2017Maturity and Respect
1 cstrokeOct 17, 2017Very classy community member. Mad respect!!
1 ShoujinkoOct 10, 201720 baby
1 twikoffOct 8, 2017appreciation for the h2h tracker thread! thanks man!
1 mozySep 15, 2017Awesome giveaway recognizing the positive, among all the negativity. Honorable
1 twikoffSep 15, 2017running a giveaway to promote good will
1 jrotogeekAug 4, 2017Respecftul Member and Stand Up Guy
2 stairwaytose7enJul 26, 2017great point about EA
2 Dwar13Jul 24, 2017Awesome giveaway and happy birthday to your daughter
1 Dylanh0024Jul 23, 2017Congrats on elite and keep up the great work in RISE. Happy birthday to your daughter and awesome giveaway!
1 saintsfan42Jul 23, 2017For your pride and joy. Happy 13th Birthday to your Daughter and Welcome to the Elite Club
1 RWatts35Jul 23, 2017Happy Birthday to your daughter and congratulations on hitting Elite
1 d0l0bJul 22, 2017A happy birthday to your daughter.
1 artofwhatJul 22, 2017for the BIRTHDAY GIRL
1 Boss1089Jul 22, 2017 for a great 13 giveaway
2 ryman10210Jul 10, 2017Been seeing some really solid posts lately. Your answers to questions are thoughtful and helpful. Thanks!
1 DoomsdayBuzzJul 5, 2017Thank you for your positive and good advice post to the community. Good stuff and much appreciated.
2 user-100013122Jun 22, 2017My favourite incorrect guess