misk53 has received 146 Muthead Honor from 48 members.

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1 bethro01Nov 24, 2016Happy Thanksgiving!!
1 Throw_up_tha_XNov 15, 2016I got ur 3000th post! Congrats bud look forward to dealin with u again #GOAT
1 Throw_up_tha_XOct 22, 2016Cool dude, very active in the community. Has been honest n loyal for some time
1 bethro01Oct 14, 2016Thanks for using your brain matter, not just letting it waste space. Facts are such a hard concept to some
2 Mooks101Sep 20, 2016To the best teacher/coach. Very knowledgeable and a true leader. Much respect for you man!
1 thebrownsniperAug 9, 2016Super selfless guy. Always looking out for the little guy :)
5 ShazzyJul 4, 2016Great dude here! A great friend! Very wise and intelligent! If only I had a teacher like you bro
1 CillidogJun 16, 2016Thank you so much for your help
1 STR8MERCJun 14, 2016Greatly appreciated bro tyvm
1 NilsbangJun 7, 2016for your great and helpful post!
2 Niners700Jun 6, 2016Right back at ya!!! We got to stick together haha!
8 GOPACKERS2909May 29, 2016For being the best teacher ever :)
1 HTTRJustinMay 17, 2016For an awesome clan member. Thanks for helping me with math.
1 BBad14May 16, 2016Glad to be your first honor Misk! You're the best teacher ever ;)!