miafins has received 92 Muthead Honor from 26 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 Sdbolts760Mar 10, 2019For not seeing in a while bud
3 bringbacktheoilersAug 18, 2018Miss you buddy
2 OhCaptain20Jun 12, 2018I haven't forgotten my South Beach pimp
2 bringbacktheoilersMar 1, 2018Miss you buddy
1 OldButCanStillBallOct 18, 2017Miss you my friend. Hope all is well.
1 OhCaptain19Oct 8, 2017For what we started, for what we will one day do. Take care my friend.
1 Robrules1Oct 3, 2017One of the true GOATs of MH
1 OhCaptain19Aug 27, 2017You dat dude that be making me wanna jump jump.
2 bringbacktheoilersAug 23, 2017For that pick 6
1 BoskoJul 22, 2017My jff lil brother from 1 mother
1 Jbrinson7Jul 18, 2017Thanks to you and JFF for an awesome giveaway!
1 thedullsoundJul 13, 2017Good guy and Easy to trade with. Thanks
1 OldButCanStillBallJun 27, 2017Happy Birthday my friend!
5 MeMike84Jun 26, 2017HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHA!!!!! LOVE YA MY MAN!!!
2 BoskoJun 25, 2017early b-day honor for being wiser than your years. JFF BROS!!
1 Sdbolts760Jun 24, 2017For being a great clan mate and helping out
5 OhCaptain19Jun 23, 2017For your generosity and being #1 in my eyes! I just got that Boss Berry!
1 millartime122Jun 21, 2017For being a man of his word and helping out a newer MUT player! Thank you!
1 bringbacktheoilersJun 20, 2017For being such an awesome clan brother
1 verdunbuldogsJun 17, 2017for being a good JFF member!
1 Jackhammer458Jun 11, 2017Nice giveaway for broke blokes.
3 OhCaptain19May 31, 2017For being my brotha! For being like no otha! For holding down Florida and making me a Legend!
1 andy4569May 31, 2017Thanks for all you do
1 rocketismail75May 27, 2017Helped member out after mistake
5 bank_ballersMay 27, 2017For being a great member and leader in JFF!