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1 Ccrane9Jan 28, 2020thanks for helping with mobile muthead problem
1 mabaeyensJan 19, 2020Thanks for the explanation on how to read defensive plays: colors and lines (Apr 19)
3 robertk328Dec 7, 2019nice write up in the boosts thread
1 mabaeyensOct 21, 2019Thanks for the scrambling breakdown, very useful indeed
5 TheMaddenGuru24Oct 18, 2019TMG24's Honor Roll October 2019 Winner!
1 ApexJul 24, 2019Excellent idea for 2point conversions, make every scheme have the same plays! =)
1 Robrules1May 20, 2019Thank you
1 mabaeyensApr 3, 2019Collection of threads for 99 OVR +1 OVR boost. We need that fed back to EA
1 RshootsNov 6, 2018Way to get the ball rolling on the LvL fixes thread.I did not mean to hijack it, but I think we have had some really great ideas.
1 Bouncer014Oct 4, 2018Way to highlight the frustrations with OverDrive gameplay in a way that's hard to dismiss. Hope more people follow suit & hope EA responds.