kpatel4242 has received 38 Muthead Honor from 12 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 EndWishJan 1, 2018New Year's Honor
1 HawkeyeP1erceOct 5, 2017Long Overdue honor for being part of an awesome clan
2 prestonporter53Aug 16, 2017Thank you
1 prestonporter53Jul 11, 2017Thanks for letting me join the clan .
2 prestonporter53Jul 7, 2017Thank you
1 thedullsoundJun 11, 2017For having the best set of earplugs in SWAT!
1 Throw_up_tha_XMay 22, 2017Avi after avi u STILL... da man!! Thank u kpatel amazing work
2 Throw_up_tha_XMay 16, 2017Doin great work in the gfx shops. Keep it up brotha
1 EndWishMar 19, 2017Thanks in advance for your help with the Massive Easter Giveaway! :)
1 TTzeroTREYMar 15, 2017Amazing Artists! Thanks for supporting WIRE!
1 Zito501Mar 15, 2017For making Avi for some WIRE clan mates
1 TBEETMar 12, 2017Love the Avi you made me bro
1 Zito501Jan 29, 2017The Great Avi guy
1 mudflap38Jan 19, 2017For making an awesome clan signature
1 thedullsoundJan 3, 2017For being an awesome Clan member and creating SICK graphics left and right
5 WR_CoachDec 22, 2016GOAT
2 Throw_up_tha_XDec 14, 2016IDK how u did that but I'm glad u did! Awesome work in the gfx shop. So happy u hit me up
1 gonzoviolenceOct 29, 2016Giveaways and giving back to the community -
1 Tato_604Oct 15, 2016Thanks Bro, keep up the good work!!!
1 WR_CoachSep 25, 2016New SWAT member and made me
1 Zito501Sep 25, 2016Making the clan awesome Avi