kingy5797 has received 233 Muthead Honor from 54 members.

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10 ShrekApr 10, 2019If you donate 0.1 MHC to me I will rap the verse from rap god
1 imarino13Apr 1, 2019Kingy is always dropping quality posts.
2 bluegrazzcatMar 30, 2019Love Kingy's passion, and always spot on commentary. Wish we had more like him in America...Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!
6 kanMar 22, 2019you get more if you stop posting in dc threads!
1 bethro01Feb 17, 2019It's all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits. <3
1 WizzLeOct 28, 2018For someone who isn't scared to stand up for their beliefs.
2 VonMar 12, 2018Superb member of the community!
5 Scourge00165Mar 1, 2018LMFAO....just saw your avitar! Fucking hilarious!
1 Legend69Feb 28, 2018 Well played!
1 EA8991Feb 2, 2018Here’s some honor brotha.
3 LaVarBallDec 14, 2017Great member of the community!
3 JonathanmoteSep 19, 2017I wanted toput you an even 200. Thanks for having my back.
2 BDavis7Sep 11, 2017MY MAN! I hope you are doing well.. Hugs from across the pond.
10 NoNameDefenseAug 29, 2017It's been a long time! One of the most legit people on here :)
2 Scourge00165Aug 28, 2017For one of the best guys I know. Not just on MH..anywhere. Genuinely just a great dude...even from an Island of criminals!! LOL...
1 BDavis7Aug 15, 2017My man, GLUCK MAN , Have a good one, sir.
1 TBEETAug 2, 2017Easy to deal with
1 BDavis7Jul 18, 2017GLUCK MAN< HUGS
1 Billyoak8Jul 10, 2017Thanks for always being on patrol. Asset to the community for sure
5 Scourge00165Jul 4, 2017My man...always read your posts and agree before I even see it's you. My brother on here.
1 Lb33wonkaJun 28, 2017Good luck ! Thanks for being a great community member
1 Dialex2006Jun 25, 2017Smooth mhc deal. Thank you!!! Great guy!
1 BDavis7Jun 16, 2017My Friend, Have a good one sir
1 BDavis7Jun 14, 2017GLUCK MAN, Hugs bro.
2 BDavis7Jun 11, 2017THANKS MAN, GLUCK , Team is good... After LTAYLOR... One day. I have tons of motivators. I enjoy this year, Hop u r well.