jim89402 has received 140 Muthead Honor from 40 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 Namtih21Dec 31, 2019HERO!
1 LaVarBallAug 26, 2018Free Liam!
1 LaVarBallMay 25, 2018C H U M
5 LaVarBallMay 2, 2018maybe this will make you drop 92 again
1 LaVarBallMar 11, 2018can't spell gullible without jim
1 LJSellMar 4, 2018all around good guy who deserves a gift
1 sullysullinburgNov 21, 2017..-. .- -.- .
1 ClutchBucks9Nov 4, 2017Great person. Helped me get a link for an image.
1 Clippers32BGSep 25, 2017Tough loss for the lions... you always cheer me up. Now it’s time to cheer you up
8 JTCarpenterSep 7, 2017For being an outstanding member and dealing with my shenanigans! Thanks for all you do buddy! :) #125 right here!
1 GoBears54Sep 6, 2017You're a good member of HERO or something I guess... Haha kidding I can't think of a more deserving member on the site.
1 NickgoSep 3, 2017you're always there to help me or anyone else. I see you as potential President one day down the road
1 t1j2mAug 27, 2017nice gesture on your part to buy the Avi for your clanmate, thanks for being an exemplary member and being part of the generous culture
1 Clippers32BGAug 14, 2017The creator of CONSTANT LIT CHATS! Love this dude :)
5 MabenxAug 7, 2017For Loaning me MHC to complete my legacy and providing the clan with free GFX
1 Clippers32BGAug 4, 2017Congrats on Legend to a great hero member
1 LaVarBallAug 3, 2017For being a great MHer and all around amazing friend. Keep up the great work brother!
1 sullysullinburgAug 2, 2017... -. .. - -.-. ....
4 Tekhed1Aug 2, 2017Really grateful for all your help.Thanks man
1 madtiger925Jul 14, 2017Thanks for helping out with the Autism Awareness Giveway
3 CrayonsMeltJul 9, 2017Gave me some great GFX help!
3 MabenxJul 9, 2017For always helping me out whenever I need it. You da man
3 matt9ers7Jul 3, 2017thanks for being a great friend!
1 NickgoJul 2, 2017Thanks for trying to help me along this path to elite
1 LimerickShawJul 1, 2017avi help. thanks man!