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1 Stoney_05Feb 18, 2020Much love amigo
1 t1j2mFeb 18, 2020one final recognition to a deserving member before the move
1 55studwellFeb 7, 2020Love my new Culpepper-bacon!
2 MikeyDJan 16, 2020Solid member of the community, and an enjoyable streamer.
1 gbwiscDec 5, 2019I heard Gut Foxx dropping your name as assisting in the Evasive vs. Juke Box video... good stuff!
1 Mr_PoppagorgioNov 23, 2019Saturday tip: JEDI mind tricks cause babies
2 mchardjOct 24, 2019Thanks for coming in clutch with Most feared 2 info!
3 blitzfistOct 24, 2019Thank you Very helpful member of the community
10 Sdbolts760Sep 10, 2019For helping a brother out
1 t1j2mAug 13, 2019nice job on the write-up, thanks for reinforcing what the MH community is all about
10 D0KTRGAug 7, 2019Thanks for all of your time and advice
1 Stoney_05Jul 27, 2019Happy Saturday my dude! :)
1 TrumpetmonkeyJun 24, 2019for organising the theme team tourney!
1 Stoney_05Jun 12, 2019Welcome to the JEDIs bromontana!!!
2 LittleKingMay 21, 2019thanks for the help on defensive playbooks!
10 GameAce92May 21, 2019Thanks for the cross man tips! 90!
10 blitzfistMay 4, 2019Pittsburgh represented well by JC
4 SkernalsApr 13, 2019Like that theme team. Sincerely Mr. Big Chest
2 Street_SpiritApr 10, 2019Thanks for being informative!
10 jaybird13Mar 22, 2019Best I can do after EA gave you an undeserved loss against me in WL. Good luck brother!
2 Sdbolts760Mar 10, 2019Keep up the good work bud
10 Ducati0307Feb 25, 2019Here's some Honor for your terrific Steelers Theme Team thread... thanks for sharing!
2 Gord0Jan 28, 20195 k
3 Street_SpiritJan 17, 2019Thanks for the helpful thread!
1 Swing4TheFencesDec 27, 2018Nice tips for the new guys