jacquito69 has received 102 Muthead Honor from 24 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 rocketismail75Aug 18, 2018Great member of community
1 matt3352Jul 29, 2018The BOMB
4 TallbullOct 28, 2017100 for my brotha
2 PhillynGoodOct 22, 2017Thanks brobro!!
1 TallbullSep 22, 2017Grats on 3 1/2 years bro
2 TallbullAug 13, 2017Thanks for all your help!! So happy
1 Blucky430Aug 9, 2017Hoping for the hest for ya brother!
7 dadejazzJul 18, 2017awesome clam brother
1 reign419Jun 27, 2017Pleasure running with you BOSS.
1 SesqyJun 24, 2017For hip hop!
1 MightyMouse417Jun 20, 2017for my brothers
2 TallbullJun 17, 2017New colors fam
1 TallbullMay 27, 2017Proud to say jacquito is one of my friends....
2 ScrodSquad22May 17, 2017For my BBU brother, thanks for being a great member! BBU team 4 represent, and congrats on Legend!
1 Tomsonb19May 17, 2017For a brother from over the Pond - Thanks for beeing a good friend
1 Stoney_05May 16, 2017Congrats my man. I hope you hit a CCB this hour!
2 Antron77Apr 14, 2017still owe you a beer for a trade from last year! haven't forgot about you.
1 Throw_up_tha_XApr 11, 2017Always lookin to help out others
3 TallbullMar 31, 2017One of the nicest & chillest dudesof MH. You my boy blue
2 LionsWide9DMar 11, 2017Great member of the Community and very helpful
1 Linc215Feb 24, 2017Thanks for the advice on me being a Dad! Really appreciated!
10 s3pultrib3Dec 24, 2016love ya bro thaanks for teh ricky and all you have done bro
1 rocketismail75Dec 23, 2016Outstanding veteran of mut, great clanmate, and member of the community
3 TallbullDec 23, 2016Jac is one of the best brother mh could offer... we got s3 that gift bro!! As a team!
7 TallbullDec 12, 2016I love you!! Not in the weird way tho...