i4luvofthegame has received 420 Muthead Honor from 80 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
8 jrad7080Oct 29, 2016The best! nothing else needs to be said
1 Mr_Primetime_21Oct 13, 2016Donated to a giveaway to help out some members in need. Generous, active, and great member and clan leader
1 BDavis7Oct 11, 2016Gnite bro...thanks 4 everything, Lord bless u sir.
1 BDavis7Oct 5, 2016GNITE BRO
2 pdcameronSep 30, 2016For what you do compared to some other people on this site you don't have enough
1 Lb33wonkaSep 27, 2016Really cares about the community ! I will never forget the help you gave me
1 Sneaky83_PS4Sep 26, 2016For being a good person and correcting my mistake. Thanks!
1 808dvsSep 20, 2016For hooking me up with that fire clan sig. Thank you, bro!
2 jrad7080Sep 12, 2016Thanks for the NFL Kickoff Giveaway, mister
2 Gigaware247Sep 11, 2016Great giveaway and awesome mh member
1 kingy5797Sep 11, 2016For setting up the credit union pm. Great clan leader
2 Lb33wonkaSep 9, 2016One of the greats on MUTHEAD ! Thanks for all you do for the comminity and our clan
1 samurijohnSep 8, 2016To a great leader and influence.
2 TallbullSep 6, 2016Happy 10k for the legend and a top MH member
1 SchwagzorSep 5, 2016Thanks for being a great member and a positive influence on the community.
5 MightyMouse417Aug 26, 2016For a great guy !
5 CorKovAug 21, 2016Just an overall great person!
2 martyr1968Aug 21, 2016Thanks for running our clan; awesome job.
1 LegitandReasonableAug 19, 2016One of thw best guys i know on muthead!
1 Hatman11Aug 13, 2016Good guy keep up the great work
3 BDavis7Aug 2, 2016GLUCK SIR
2 Throw_up_tha_XJul 29, 2016Awesome dude in the community. Very active and helpful around the mh community
4 Slammer4244Jul 29, 2016For one of the best Leaders,family,brothers and friends this guy could ever ask for
1 EazySteezy33Jul 26, 2016You should be at onehunna by now man, get goin!
1 pdcameronJul 25, 2016Shiny number but thanks for everything you do for the clan and what you have done for me on here!