i4luvofthegame has received 420 Muthead Honor from 80 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 t1j2mFeb 12, 2017genuinely good person who contributes in man ways to keep MH a place that we not only come to for info but can enjoy ourselves in the proces
1 CurtisMcElrathFeb 11, 2017This man should be at 200!
2 BDavis7Feb 11, 2017GLUCK MAN, WISH I had 3 stars> I would be the one to get you 100 and 200.. GNITE MAN
10 DDaneFeb 11, 2017Great clan leader and person who is always active in the clan pm and makes MHMA great!
2 jrad7080Feb 11, 2017Thanks for helping me get started in my 17 journey Doe
5 CorKovFeb 6, 2017upping the ante, you're a great clan lead and friend!
3 Click916Feb 3, 2017Thank you for our daily scripture !!! Loving it !!!!!
1 FemLocFeb 1, 2017Look forward to being a part of the clan
2 BDavis7Feb 1, 2017Thanks MAN and GLUCK SIR
2 stairwaytose7enJan 23, 2017thank you for the reminder of the call on us believers!
1 SolecoldDec 27, 2016Didn't get to enter the giveaway but I thought it was very nice of you to do something like that. Joined MH honor just to do this! ;)
1 chuckesmilesDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
4 TallbullDec 23, 2016For a crazy giveaway
10 CSULB49erDec 18, 2016I hope you are well
1 Lb33wonkaDec 15, 2016You deserve a million honors ! Thanks for all you do and what you stand for
1 PhillynGoodDec 8, 2016My former clan leader came out of nowhere and threw some mhc my way asking nothing in return. Thanks my man!
1 prestonporter53Dec 6, 2016Hope this makes you feel better
3 pdcameronNov 16, 2016Been helping out the whole clan with chem solo players!
1 Aviator4621Nov 13, 2016Hosted a great giveaway for the community! Much appreciated!!!
1 LilchappiNov 13, 2016Awesome giveaway bro!
1 Eddiedreher82Nov 12, 2016For being a great role model for the Mut community. And for his kind words and respect for Veterans.. Keep up the great work
2 Lb33wonkaNov 12, 2016Happy Birthday !!!
1 TallbullNov 7, 2016My last token.... you deserve more bro for what you've done here in MH
1 BDavis7Nov 6, 2016Have a great evening, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING
2 kingy5797Oct 31, 2016thank you for being an amazing clan leader and all of the work you do.