i4luvofthegame has received 420 Muthead Honor from 80 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 d_ramafiedJul 16, 2017Great leader!!
2 Dale9876Jul 6, 2017Thank you boss!!
1 jjgoblueJul 6, 2017Thanks for the giveaway.
2 mothealienJul 2, 2017fast and easy MHC deal thanks
1 RWatts35Jun 27, 2017I wish I had more to send. I'd send 1 to everyone.
1 jeh611Jun 23, 2017Showing respect for all that clan leaders do for their clan families!
1 HURCULESC130Jun 13, 2017Thank you for all you've done for me since I've been in MHMA! You deserve these 4! *fixed from below
3 HURCULESC130Jun 13, 2017This is way overdue, but thank you for all
1 Hatman11Jun 9, 2017Goat post , thanks for the laughs
1 Throw_up_tha_XJun 8, 2017A great leader and member of mh
1 DavisthefreemanJun 1, 2017for giving me a chance to be apart of the greatest clan of all
5 hallbabyMay 29, 2017Legit trader and a hell of a dude!
2 jeh611May 29, 2017First Class Leader of his Clan!
2 pdcameronMay 25, 2017great clan leader and beard
1 MrBrownSauceMay 23, 2017Talked me through a trade trustworthy guy, thanks again
4 Lb33wonkaApr 25, 2017i4 honor tokens for all you do for us !
1 SilverHurricaneApr 25, 2017Thank you for helping me learn more about MUTHEAD and letting me hang with your clan!
1 d_ramafiedApr 24, 2017g.o.a.t. thank you so much!!
1 d_ramafiedApr 22, 2017the myth a great leader! great guy
1 OhCaptain19Apr 17, 2017Really appreciate the giveaway and the reminder of what the holiday is about!
7 jrotogeekApr 11, 2017Love the Easter giveaway. God is good...
1 AquaInfernoApr 6, 2017Clan Leader yay yay
2 DavisthefreemanMar 17, 2017Thanks for helping me join the clan
1 FemLocMar 1, 2017Thanks for letting me borrow Burton
1 kingy5797Feb 20, 2017Thanks for hooking me up with Berry boss!