hitStickB00M has received 38 Muthead Honor from 9 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 BogusBirmJul 9, 2016One of my best friends. Always looking out for the clan and made us an awesome write up for the clan. Thanks for the help hit
2 DukedakillaJul 7, 2016Great loyal friend always reliable my man CHIWAWA!!!
3 AntferneyyyJul 3, 2016AEUUUUUU!!! you're a great guy bruh
5 Primetime_VolJun 7, 2016To my brother. Even if he did hand me a beatdown
2 miket5Jun 4, 2016Hope your ankle feels better. Go Steelers!!!!
1 HailToTheRedskins24Jun 3, 2016Great guy and clan member
1 DukedakillaJun 1, 2016CHIWAWAAA on a side note dude is a great dude minus the Steeler homerism ;)
2 AntferneyyyMay 28, 2016CHIWAWAAAAAA
2 BraskillaMay 21, 2016Amazing Friend, great to have football talk with, and always there to help me out :D
3 chummer1010May 7, 2016for this great Chihuahua
5 BraskillaMay 6, 2016For a Great Friend, and Great Member of the Community
10 MADDOG619Apr 27, 2016For a awesome clan mate