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5 madtiger925Jan 8, 2020Great job keeping everyone informed!!
1 Ccrane9Jan 8, 2020Thanks for the stream info today
1 t1j2mJan 7, 2020shares lots of good info in the MM community, thanks for taking time to help others
4 ryanromprey12Jan 6, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized.
1 ApexDec 31, 2019Thanks for all the chats and help. Thanks for being in the Best Clan on MH! For helping the community, hawskee for President! =)
5 bloodysycophantDec 30, 2019very active in helping out the mobile community
6 lenny22688Dec 24, 2019Thanks for always keepng everyone informed and Happy Holidays!!
1 JeepindDec 13, 2019EDGE strong!
3 RWatts35Nov 30, 2019You are on it being so helpful. Awesome job brother !!
3 RshootsNov 25, 2019Great Feast Writeup - thanks for the hard work!
5 seahawks1977Nov 24, 2019Really appreciate the heads up on feats. Thanks man and hope you have a great thanksgiving
2 tatermanNov 24, 2019Banner info
4 mabaeyensNov 20, 2019Many useful threads lately. Appreciated!
1 robertk328Nov 17, 2019PTG banner thread, the last of my Honor :-)
5 mmEricmmNov 15, 2019Notice you helping out a lot with good non-bias information. Great to see!
5 DaZeD4dAyZNov 10, 2019Awesome job in the forums Haws, keep up the amazing work my friend :)
4 Subject2ChangeNov 9, 2019Thank you for the Blitz Odds thread. Highly useful and informative.
1 robertk328Nov 9, 2019thanks for the PtG blitz odds
7 GameAce92Aug 21, 2019Thanks for the links! here's 40
5 JTCarpenterAug 20, 2019For continuously being helpful to many members in the Madden Mobile/Muthead Community. Well deserved and thank you!!!
5 TheMaddenGuru24Aug 18, 2019Honor Roll August Winner!
1 SwooshAug 12, 2019Thanks for the help bro
1 RshootsAug 11, 2019Excellent Briefcase Info
2 ShamsAug 9, 2019briefcase info
1 Ccrane9Aug 6, 2019Helpful of Madden Mobile forums