gfunk81504 has received 40 Muthead Honor from 12 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 miket5Feb 5, 2017Funky!
1 miket5Dec 25, 2016merry christmas
2 BogusBirmSep 5, 2016Thanks for keeping it Funky and all that you do for the clan! Great friend and clanmate
1 splitlimits2040Sep 3, 2016Thanks for the giveaway!
5 jjyoupkphiAug 14, 2016For stepping up and helping me with the FATE giveaway and just always bringing an upbeat attitude to everything you do... Thanks brother!
3 seahawks618994Jul 27, 2016Helping me on 2k and been such a quality member on this site! :)
1 SurvivorFan4EverJun 12, 2016Thanks for the MT tips!
2 miket5Jun 4, 2016Great clan mate
2 HailToTheRedskins24Jun 3, 2016A great clan mate
2 chummer1010May 23, 2016awesome clan mate
2 BraskillaMay 11, 2016A Great Great friend, a Great Member of the Community!
5 Primetime_VolMay 8, 2016Helping with my Vouch thread update and creation
1 kingy5797May 7, 2016for making a great thread helping new members
2 Primetime_VolApr 27, 2016Thanks for the thread help bro.
10 MADDOG619Apr 25, 2016a awesome clan mate