generalmyrick has received 90 Muthead Honor from 18 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 SkernalsNov 4, 2019The only Ravens fan i like. Take care man
10 DrussisGOATJul 17, 2019Great friend
8 SkernalsApr 29, 2019Some honor for an old friend. Hope all is well its been a bit
5 DrussisGOATMar 23, 2019Great member
2 DavisthefreemanFeb 9, 2019Thanks for the offer
5 DrussisGOATDec 16, 2018Pickems master
10 DrussisGOATOct 12, 2018Thanks for letting me join your fantasy teams
4 SkernalsSep 2, 2018Make it an even 40
2 TBEETApr 28, 2018For being a good dude
1 TBEETFeb 18, 2018Great guy to trade with
1 Dale9876Aug 18, 2017Thanks for the great deal!!!
2 SkernalsJun 25, 2017Take care man im done with Madden snd Muthead. It was nice knowing you.
7 SkernalsFeb 8, 2017Havent forgotten about my boy from Boss!
1 diimsday1044Dec 4, 2016a Belated Birthday Hype Honor :)
1 topcat1235Nov 27, 2016Thanks for the info on slay...keep up the good work
2 SkernalsNov 22, 2016Miss You!
1 SchwagzorAug 28, 2016Thanks for working with me on the trade. I appreciate the time you put in. Great MUThead member!
1 prestonporter53Aug 28, 2016Thanks for trade
1 SkernalsAug 8, 2016One of my favorite former clan members. I will stay in touch brother
1 jjyoupkphiJul 22, 2016Honest trader and buyer, would definitely feel comfortable going first in trade with him as he does what he says. Drama and problem free.
1 xchrisgotswagxJul 18, 2016MH Honor Recognition Program Winner!! Congrats buddy :)
1 nicksr84Jul 17, 2016For being a legit member of the mut community
1 futhead_mpk0303Jul 5, 2016Boss being a boss! And your PS4, we are rare in this clan! Can't wait for M17
2 SkernalsJul 5, 2016Some honor for a great clanmate
1 GiantsFan001Jun 25, 2016giving this dude some hope, that there are still good people here on this forum