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1 t1j2mJan 23, 2020great job on the write-up for your GaG pack openings, thanks for taking time to share detailed results
1 MrJDec 30, 2019Thank you for participating every week in Pack Sim FF!
1 JeepindDec 13, 2019A late welcome to EDGE!
4 jcsteel66Dec 12, 2019Thanks for stopping by my stream and participating in my threads on the forum!
1 BhawkOct 23, 2019Thanks for helping people out with gameplay tips. Nice to see people take the time for others, keep it up.
2 DaZeD4dAyZOct 5, 2019Welcome to EDGE!
1 tamc93Oct 5, 2019Congrats to BBU Grad #676