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1 t1j2mJan 21, 2020you > MutheadBot thanks for your generosity, lucky to have ppl like you in the community
2 kanJan 11, 2020415!
1 NornIronFrozenTundraJan 7, 2020Thicc and Joocy OBJ
10 Slammer4244Dec 31, 2019Happy New Year brother Keep up the wonderful work
1 Legend69Dec 31, 2019Thank you for all that you do for the site!!!
1 Ccrane9Dec 31, 2019Thanks for running the Bingo all year!
9 Bouncer014Dec 30, 2019Thanks for adding a bit of extra fun / rooting interest to my NFL season! Very generous BINGO giveaway all season. 400! :)
10 dpmx21Dec 30, 2019Fantasy Bingo man. You didn't have to send me that MHC but did anyway. Thanks for all you do brother!
5 kanDec 30, 2019Cuz
1 vucomedyDec 21, 2019Happy holidays to you and your family!!!
3 Namtih21Nov 15, 2019Happy Birthday GT!
1 Gord0Nov 11, 2019Thank you for your service
10 SkernalsNov 4, 2019Never forget ****Butt
1 gohogsgo71Oct 27, 2019Thank you so much for your generosity! Go Pack!
10 dpmx21Oct 22, 2019Fantasy BINGO is next level stuff man. Thanks for all you do.
3 LBJOct 22, 2019The sports discussion forum would not be the same without you + your Bingo giveaway is awesome. Keep up all you do man!
2 diimsday1044Oct 21, 20191 To Honor helping that Jet supporter out with a generous gift and one for being a mod and helping us all here on the site
4 MrJSep 24, 2019Thanks for the help with questions on pack sim FF!
1 NotACow42Sep 20, 2019Thanks for the giveaway!
10 kanSep 2, 2019THIS IS NOT HONOR TRADING. Rather I want you to get to 340!
2 Gord0Aug 21, 2019Thanks for
1 t1j2mAug 20, 2019as a newly appointed moderator i have yet to show gratitude, thanks for your contributions to maintaining a helpful & positive community
2 TheMaddenGuru24Jul 31, 2019Thank you for the Top 100 Giveaway!
1 Gord0Jul 31, 2019Thank you for your service
1 ArrowofAresJul 29, 2019For letting me know about sophie turners pics today