ethycal_warrior has received 266 Muthead Honor from 68 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
9 Dabears57Jan 2, 2020Well, since honor is going away, and I still have 9, figured I’d use it. Thanks for all the help you have given me!
5 Bigbluehouse1Nov 11, 2018Thank You for your Service! Have a great extended weekend Brotha!
1 rocketismail75Aug 18, 2018Great member of community
2 Throw_up_tha_XApr 8, 2018Gave me the heads up on an imposter! Thank u 4 lookin out EW
10 bringbacktheoilersMar 25, 2018Dude..........Amazing!
1 dolphaholicMar 3, 2018you sir, are one excellent artist. keep up the great work
3 Dabears57Feb 23, 2018Great artist great member
2 TallbullDec 14, 2017You misspeled ethical mr.ethycal
10 Blanko87Dec 11, 2017Is and always will be a great friend and artist in muthead!
10 MGOBLUE03Dec 9, 2017best low quality designer out there! ;)
1 LionsWide9DNov 30, 20171 of the best Graphix people I have seen around, always trying to help people out
1 InBrisketWeTrustNov 1, 2017thank you for the awesome sig my man
1 toncagamingOct 29, 2017Great work man
2 TallbullSep 22, 2017For my holmes! Make it home bro
2 HitmanhavocAug 16, 2017Does great work
1 TallbullAug 12, 2017Congrats on FATE fam
2 Primetime_VolAug 5, 2017Welcome to the family brother
1 awsomeguy408Aug 5, 2017Awesome avatars! So generous to do this for our clan!
2 PikeFish40Jul 12, 2017Thanks for the avi's
1 tricky80gJun 10, 2017200! what a great guy!
2 jeh611Jun 10, 2017First class and generous!!
1 Throw_up_tha_XJun 8, 2017Best avi artist ive ever seen
1 archieremikeJun 1, 2017Very nice member , easy to get along with and helpful ! Clearly one of best graphics men on MH
1 bolt21May 31, 2017Thank you for the great LT AVI! Amazing work like always!
2 Blanko87May 31, 2017Amazing member with a big heart! I'll never forget that special avi you did for me ew!