dustincoo has received 39 Muthead Honor from 16 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 donthavethetimeMay 15, 2017Thx for the trade awhile back. good and honest deal.
1 EVILKNIApr 10, 2017AWKN - Thanks for helping me hit legend
1 EVILKNIFeb 23, 2017Thanks for the smooth deal!
1 bloodysycophantFeb 3, 2017great clan mate and mutheader
1 bcc24Jan 5, 2017AWKN
1 jyun127Dec 9, 2016Thanks for the trade and accommodating my request! Cheers to not getting AH banned lol
2 iMcOOL18Dec 9, 2016Followed through on our MHC deal. Quick and easy transaction!
1 EVILKNIDec 2, 2016great AWKN clan mate and MH community contributor!
2 Throw_up_tha_XNov 15, 2016Blockbuster trade..went smooth as can be. Very cool and reliable dude. Thank u
3 SchwagzorOct 22, 2016Thanks for the easy trade. Great community member.
9 bennyho08Oct 18, 2016Excellent trader, great guy to work with and soon-to-be awesome fantasy basketball commissioner. Thanks!!
2 FatWhiteRabbitSep 7, 2016For going out of your way to help me get Gurley
1 GrumbleAug 30, 2016Thanks you for the players man
2 MogulizerAug 24, 2016Long time member here who deserves some Honor ! Great friendly guy and easy to deal with. Good luck this year buddy !
1 steelersallday84Aug 6, 2016Thanks for the smooth deals!
1 dmichalikJul 13, 2016Solid dude right here--- I meant to get you up to 10! Hope to work with you more in the future!
1 dmichalikJul 11, 2016Great MT for MHC trade- thanks for helping my son with 2K :-)
1 chuckesmilesJul 11, 2016did a great deal with MT
1 bcc24Jun 29, 2016Congrats on clan promo....very helpful to clan
1 XhellhamerXJun 26, 2016for repayment of loan and offering to contribute to clan giveaway
5 bennyho08May 14, 2016For Introducing me to the site, and helping feed my addiction, lol, while also being an awesome, legit member!