du5t1n812 has received 103 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 FitPittsAug 1, 2017Get that CCB bro. #LIFE
3 primetime22337Jul 29, 2017honored to have you as a friend.
4 tacosabanJul 21, 2017Gonna miss those tournaments bro!
2 tacosabanJul 21, 2017Thanks for everything! Get that Ccb!
1 FitPittsJul 20, 2017To a LIFE bro!
1 bigdogjazz2020Jul 19, 2017Thanks for the sig help!
2 tacosabanJul 18, 2017Thank you for the Tournament bro!
2 dolphaholicJul 16, 2017Thanks for all you do with our clan
1 Staubach12Jul 16, 2017Great job with the tournament
1 sconnell87Jul 15, 2017Keeping madden great, one tourney at a time!
1 sconnell87Jul 9, 2017Great 4oJ Tourney. Thank you for putting it together
2 tacosabanJul 8, 2017Once again i appreciate you running these tournaments bro!
2 primetime22337Jun 26, 2017thx for the honest game brother.Your skills are incredible.
1 Gmen_Big_Blue_4Jun 21, 2017congrats on 3k posts
1 HarshP722Jun 12, 2017Great clan mate, did a awesome job with the clan tourney.
1 Staubach12Jun 10, 2017Great job organizing the tourney
1 simplegreen808Jun 8, 2017Enjoyed watching tourney games on twitch. Hope you get some love from the bot!
1 DuncMMAJun 6, 2017For being an all-round good dude, great clanmate & for organising the Tournament! Thx Bud!
1 brigreen529Jun 1, 2017For running awesome clan tourney. Thanks my man. Great clan brother.
2 sconnell87May 29, 2017For setting up our awesome LIFE Tourney
1 NykeStormMay 24, 2017For running the tournaments
1 primetime22337May 23, 2017Thx for your continued support brother and fello clan member :)
1 Staubach12May 13, 2017For becoming elite
1 tacosabanMay 13, 2017Congrats on 2k and thanks for being a good clanmate!
1 Staubach12May 12, 2017Congrats on 2k!