diimsday1044 has received 752 Muthead Honor from 125 members.

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1 thegr8cujoAug 18, 2019For being legendary
1 tricky80gJul 4, 2019Happy 4th!
4 tricky80gJun 26, 2019A geat friend and an even better person!
2 JeepindJun 24, 2019Thanks for all you... BBU and supporting us in EDGE. Thank you!
1 James93AZCardinalsJun 23, 2019Thanks for taking the time to take me through the BBU program!
1 Gord0Jun 16, 2019Happy Fathers Day
2 DaZeD4dAyZJun 7, 2019Being a great individual! Thanks Diim :)
5 InBrisketWeTrustJun 7, 2019To one of my faves, keep on keeping on my man
1 Gord0Jun 4, 2019Great member
4 nothingfinerthana49erJun 2, 2019Huge contributions to BBU and a Pat Tillman fan. Thank you!
4 Swing4TheFencesMay 12, 2019Crushing it!
1 Gord0Apr 23, 2019Love ya man
6 BoskoApr 14, 2019IDK... just well deserved. Appreciate ya dude!!
3 tricky80gApr 1, 2019This is not an April fools message. This is real. You are awesome!!!
1 Gord0Mar 22, 2019Happy Friday
3 CurtisMcElrathMar 9, 2019For honoring a great man who's life was cut short far too soon.
10 c_gmzMar 5, 2019Congrats my old friend!
1 bruinrogueMar 1, 2019Congrats on 50k
1 imarino13Feb 23, 2019Congrats on 50k my man, you are the GOAT!
5 i4luvofthegameFeb 20, 2019700! One of A Kind!
2 InBrisketWeTrustFeb 17, 2019thanks for being a big bro and an even better mentor!
2 Gord0Feb 16, 2019To one of the nicest people on this forum
1 Stoney_05Feb 15, 2019Happy Friday!!!
8 himgotscarfFeb 14, 2019Good on you for reminding people about valentines day
10 LSUmcJan 19, 2019Diim is HOF yet? Guess it's only clowns in that circus. Get ready for Barnum, wild others Bailey... Still the GOAT. I pay homage.