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    I hate when my fantasy starting lineup plays like crap while someone on my bench lights the world on fire

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    Hope after this game Chase Edmonds get some more work going forward, dude can ball

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    Definitely going to lose this week. Oh well, I get McCaffrey back next week and I have some nice bench options so my team should be fine

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    Chase Edmonds on my bench, Kerryon gets injured, Golladay only has 1 reception. Yup, my fantasy day has sucked.

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    Ugh...I benched Chase Edmonds when I saw that David Johnson was going to be active

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    Astros vs. Nats. I think the Astros will win, their pitching staff is no joke and they have more explosive bats. But you can't underestimate the tenacity of this year's Nats. Should be a good battle, hopefully goes to 6 or 7 games.

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    Bruins off to a scorching start.


    Also, decided to play fantasy hockey for the first time in years. Off to a 2-0 start.

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    former member of the Legion of Boom

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     There's this Japanese movie called Noroi the Curse that's pretty damn scary, and I don't scare easily

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    Quote from JurisDoctor>>
    Quote from Shemmar2K>>
    Quote from JurisDoctor>>

    I saw the movie and I thought it was really bad. 


     It is bad on multiple levels. If you took out any of the awards buzz (that's created because it's a fan favorite comic book character), there's no way this film would have been successful on its own merits. It was absolutely terrible. There's probably more to be said but here's my basic points:

    • It promotes harmful stereotypes. Ignoring the self-importance of the motif, "society is bad to me and made me bad," it creates a link between proneness to violence and mental illness. It's like a zombie trope, it never seems to stay dead. Not only is it not true--in fact, mentally ill are the most likely to be victims of violence--but it is also harmful. It stigmatizes the mentally ill all the while it serves as a mask over those who are truly evil.

    I didn't see it that way at all. I saw it as a condemnation of society that abandons people who are in need of mental help. Obviously this doesn't justify the decisions that Arthur/Joker make but it definitely is sending a message about how cruel and heartless the world can be to people who need help and want to get better but are abandoned. The film posits to the viewer that those of us who choose to cast aside people with mental health issues are part of the problem when it comes to the mental health issue, not part of the solution, and how we fail people in need who are desperate for help but have no one to turn to because of the stigmatization and lack of compassion.


    And there are tons of films out there where someone with a hard upbringing overcomes their difficult circumstances to become a hero. (like, you know, Batman) What's wrong with having a movie and character study about someone who chooses to go down the other path?


    • It's really shallow.
      • It has all of the depth of a film student's first attempt at emulating its favorite director. If you want a grim, character study then you should just watch Taxi Driver or The King of Comedy.
      • It only has one act: A world of unpleasantness. There's no real character development.



    I don't see how you can make that claim, that there's no character development and has no depth. The film brilliantly portrays the descent of a man who desperately wants to be accepted by the world and find happiness into someone who no longer cares about assimilating himself into the norms set forth by society and finds comfort in the dark, even if it means hurting other people. I thought the way we see that transformation was well executed. It makes the audience feel sympathy for the Joker with how they establish his character in the beginning, and even when his descent into darkness is complete you still feel sympathetic towards him. (at least most people did) That is no easy task and Todd Phillips and Scott Silver managed to pull it off.


    And you're right - it's a dark world full of unpleasantness. So was Taxi Driver, a film you yourself brought up. So clearly that isn't a sin when it comes to filmmaking.

    • It misses all of the symbolism -- for instance, take the train scene. The "bros" that were mocking him and beating him sung, "Send in the clowns" but it's not a song about clowns at all. 

    I would say that the entire character of Arthur Fleck/Joker is a multi-faceted symbol. The character is symbolism for society's flaws, particularly when it comes to people in need. His clown character - someone who literally wears a mask with a giant smile despite having so much inner turmoil and pain - is a symbol for so many people out there who wear a mask of happiness and normalcy to the outside world even though they are hurting.


    And the movie is filled with symbolism - the garbage in the streets and filthy living conditions representing the simmering resentment of the lower class in contrast to the rich tux-wearing people in the film who live in mansions and have power. De Niro's character has a symbolism about the class divide, but I'm not gonna go into spoiler territory about him. There are also other scenes, like Joker struggling to climb up the stairs leading to his apartment which symbolizes his struggle to keep himself together and live a normal life.


    And you mentioned the three guys on the bus who sing a song with clown in the lyrics. While you're honed in on that you missed the bigger picture and the symbolism that stems from the fact that they worked for the upper class and that society was far more sympathetic towards them than they ever were to Joker, and that his conflict with them symbolized the belief that "an assault on the king's soldiers is the same as an assault on the king himself" since they were an extension of the oppressive upper class.

    • The political stake of what the "mass protests" were about was never clear and just dumb. 

    The driving force behind Joker and his cohorts was rising up against a society that abandoned them and treated them like garbage. Not sure how that wasn't clear and I don't know why that's dumb since we see that all the time in real life.

    •  It purposefully destroys all of the character development of the "Joker." 
      • In every iteration, the Joker is a chaotic, joking, criminal mastermind. In this depiction, he's always the butt of the joke. He's shown as being a really stupid person that got gaslighted by his adoptive mom. He isn't really that chaotic: Even his first murder was in self defense. Above all, it made this iteration of the Joker as someone that never had any self-reflection. His violence was just a release or escape from his mania. But, in all other iterations, the Joker knew exactly who he was and what he stood for. 
      • The worst of all is how nothing that this iteration of the Joker did was his choice. It was just a reaction of what happened to him. That goes against all other iterations of the Joker who was the ultimate schemer. 

    This is a movie about the character's origins. And Joker is a complex character. I like how they showed his evolution. It wouldn't be very realistic if he was the chaotic, joking, criminal mastermind from the very beginning who was always scheming. Showing seminal moments in Arthur's life that led him down the path to become the Joker added depth to his character and I really liked that. I don't feel like adding depth to a character destroys him. It's not like by the end you can't picture this person becoming the chaotic joking criminal mastermind we know him as.


    And like I said earlier, he chose the path of darkness. We see him making life choices that take him down the path of evil. I really don't get how you can walk away from the movie saying that nothing he did was his choice.

    •  Phillips has given interviews about how much he hates super hero movies. This wanted to be "not a super hero" movie so bad that it was just one tone of grimness and unpleasantness.

    Yes, it was a dark and gritty film and not your typical superhero movie at all. And you know what? I loved that. I'm glad Phillips chose to take that route when making this movie. It was refreshing (when it comes to comic book films) and had WAY more depth than your typical superhero movies.

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    1. Dalvin Cook

    2. Josh Jacobs

    3. Saquon Barkley

    4. DJ Chark Jr.

    5. Julio Jones

    6. Devonta Freeman

    7. Cooper Kupp

    8. Michael Gallup

    9. Ezekiel Elliott

    10 . Mark Ingram II

    11. Michael Thomas

    12. Derrick Henry

    13. FREE

    14. Tyler Lockett

    15. Deandre Hopkins

    16. Kerryon Johnson

    17. Chris Carson

    18. Marlon Mack

    19. Kenny Golladay

    20. Aaron Jones

    21. Adam Thielen

    22. Tevin Coleman

    23. TY Hilton

    24. Keenan Allen

    25. Leonard Fournette


    Thanks gametyme!

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    If David Johnson is ruled out I might plug in Chase Edmonds into my flex over Kerryon

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    Weidman knocked out again. Lost 5 of his last 6 fights, all of them by KO/TKO. Sad to see how far he's fallen.

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