diehardraider has received 60 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 EightenderOct 23, 2019Congrats on Legend! It was a long time coming and you finally made it! Well earned!
3 Gord0Oct 3, 201910k
1 aondis1Dec 2, 2017Good dude sorry I can’t read!
1 DoomtimeAug 28, 2017Thanks man
4 AJGPHILSFAN22Aug 21, 2017Showing me some of the ropes of MM
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017 I sometimes make him pissed but we are low-key long lost sisters
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Great friend and clan mate thanks for being such a good friend
1 Busaking27Aug 5, 2017Good mm coin for mhc deal went first and was quick
3 EightenderAug 5, 2017For really helping me a lot with the bounties.
1 Swing4TheFencesAug 3, 2017Way to crack the code! Also, thanks for helping provide the answers to the clues afterwards.
1 Mad_DoctorrJul 1, 2017For always lending a hand when I need it
1 EightenderJun 24, 2017for your help today
1 Blanko87Jun 21, 2017For my new clan friend!
1 Hackel4Jun 16, 2017My Gamble-Buddy! Always up for 0.1 Parlay :)
1 EightenderJun 10, 2017Awesome bounty idea and great member in general.
6 lachrymotionJun 6, 2017Thanks for the support "FIFA"!
1 MVPFolesMay 18, 2017Welcome to HIT
2 pfb_threeMay 11, 2017Welcome to HIT - you are already showing that you display the qualities we look for!
1 dmichalikMay 10, 2017Honor for being accepted in HIT!
4 Tdunks72May 9, 2017Welcome to the brotherhood
1 Mad_DoctorrMay 9, 2017"Sometimes people influence you not so much by what they mean to you - as by what they allow you to mean to them."
1 redbull_221May 9, 2017Congrats on Elite
1 rdonn27May 9, 2017Welcome to HIT!
1 Click916Jan 6, 2017Raider family love !
1 jjyoupkphiAug 30, 2016Hope this helps you get a CCB, and deserved anyway with how active you are in Madden. Good Luck!