deweydecimaled has received 23 Muthead Honor from 6 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 kanFeb 17, 2020long live ol' MH!
10 kanDec 30, 2019Honor giveaway!
2 aaveresJan 1, 2019Congrats on finishing #2 overall in the FUN FF Sim Game and participating every week!
4 Bones939Sep 3, 2018Color change homie
1 EA8991Aug 8, 2018Good member right here
2 Bones939Jun 27, 2018Great clan mate
2 ModularMayhemAug 9, 2017Great member, always sticks to what he says he's gonna do. Great having him around!
1 DoomsdayBuzzJun 29, 2017Congrats on completing BBU. It was nice working with you.