cromp90 has received 11 Muthead Honor from 8 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 NykeStormOct 15, 2017for rocking my sig with style. Great dude.
3 kpreyesSep 15, 2017Always providing good input and comments. Hope the Bengals start doing better despite me being a Ravens fan!
1 AilmanSep 3, 2017Congrats on 10k posts
1 Swing4TheFencesSep 1, 2017Thanks for your defensive scouting report
1 blitzfistJan 27, 2017Divorce petition was hilarious thanks for laugh
1 lachrymotionMay 5, 2016Awesome clanmate and very informative in MUT discussion.
1 Hatman11Apr 17, 2016Great guy , very helpful member and clanmate no doubt
1 lachrymotionApr 16, 2016Great clanmate and very helpful around the boards. Cromp is great for MH
1 EightenderApr 8, 2016The real master of game strategy. He has shared some really great information with me. I wish I had more time to lab with him.