chummer1010 has received 70 Muthead Honor from 19 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
8 BlakYoshiApr 26, 2017Get that new color my man
1 MVPFolesOct 24, 2016one of the nicest cowboys fans i know lol
1 Foolish_99Oct 14, 2016Plus 1 for being a cool dude. Second clan we are in together. Take care man
6 MikeyDOct 1, 2016For a great clan mate, friend, gfx/sig artist, and person in general. Always looking to help and give back
1 Mooks101Oct 1, 2016Congrats on 2 years and (almost) Legend!
1 MikeyDSep 17, 2016For your patience with the account fiasco
1 imarino13Aug 8, 2016Thanks for the Sig!
1 Throw_up_tha_XAug 2, 2016Cowboys fan! 'Nuff said
7 BlakYoshiJul 30, 2016Welcome (I know I'm late)
1 CowboysFanTillDeathJul 19, 2016Seems legit and in a good clan as well :)
2 ac7607Jul 19, 2016great dude
1 imarino13Jul 16, 2016Awesome Giveaway....great member of the Community
2 THECHIPPOJul 11, 2016Great friend -- Always looking to help out in the community
2 t1j2mJul 10, 2016solid member in the community, contributes in many ways to keep things enjoyable and informative
3 Bigbluehouse1Jul 9, 2016Super Legit Fire GOAT
1 MikeyDJul 9, 2016It's easy to lose your cool, but it shows character to end up making a friend out of the person you argued with. Well done bud!
1 Croll_DaddyJul 8, 2016Thanks for your interests in BBU / Do great things out there man
3 Sf49erJul 3, 2016great member of the community and in a clan of awesome people NEC
2 diimsday1044Jul 1, 2016legit mutheader and a great person
1 Bigbluehouse1Jun 28, 2016NEC Chillers GOAT
3 diimsday1044Jun 15, 2016great mut header in a great clan
1 THECHIPPOJun 14, 2016For being there for me when I needed it most.
3 miket5Jun 13, 2016Great person. Always a blast to interact with him.
2 miket5Jun 4, 2016Chum!!!!
3 Primetime_VolJun 4, 2016Great clan mate