c_gmz has received 218 Muthead Honor from 64 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 JeepindMar 13, 2019Thanks for the help with GeeMack... and it’s really, really nice to see you back!!
3 diimsday1044Mar 6, 2019Welcome back and a huge Congratulations !!!
1 tamc93Aug 22, 20182019 Team 1 BBU Kick-off - Thank you!
5 DaZeD4dAyZApr 23, 2018Solid MHer and solid friend
2 tamc93Mar 6, 2018Thanks for being part of BBU Team 1!
1 YachtFeb 25, 2018Animated GFX Goat
5 Elswick37Feb 1, 2018Team 1 for the win
6 Stealth1919Jan 8, 2018for being a good dude..pm me when ya can ..hope all is well
1 EndWishJan 1, 2018New Year's Honor
1 steelernationDec 29, 2017Have a great weekend BOSS, Happy new year
1 AtomikDec 28, 2017Happy Hollidays BOSS brother!
2 TallbullDec 23, 2017Grats on BOSS
1 DaZeD4dAyZDec 15, 2017Merry early Christmas brother
1 KappaspyroNov 9, 2017Best commish I could have asked for
1 DaZeD4dAyZOct 11, 2017Glad to call you family, BOSS forever
1 tricky80gOct 2, 2017Thanks for being you!
1 steelernationSep 12, 2017Thank you for being a standup guy, for sponsoring a month trial of MH Supporter
1 t1j2mSep 4, 2017some overdue recognition for one of the most kind and selfless members in the MH community, stay awesome and keep spreading that positivity
1 diimsday1044Sep 3, 2017for a great MHer and friend :)
1 Lucas275Sep 3, 2017For being a great leader for the best clan !
1 Paco16101Sep 2, 2017Awesome clan leader. Thanks for everything
4 DarrellknouseSep 1, 2017180 looks better :) !!!! Thanks for being such an awesome person!!!
1 usctrojans14Aug 31, 2017Thanks for being one of the nicest guys I know. You took me into [BOSS], helped me pay the 2 mhc fee, helped me through BBU...thanks!
2 tricky80gAug 18, 2017Thanks for all you have done for me and for being a great person.
1 gohogsgo71Aug 10, 2017Thank you so much for talking me into joining BOSS and being an even better leader!